275 Conover Street, Brooklyn NY 11231

1999 B.F.A., Photography, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA
1988 New York University, Film Program, NYC
1987 New School, Film Program, NYC

Blackbook Magazine
Nylon Magazine
Flaunt Magazine,
Raygun Magazine
Out Magazine
Velvet Park Magazine
Ministry Magazine, London
Pictured Magazine, London
BPM Magazine, California Staff Photographer 2000-2003

2009 BOIS, Collette Blanchard Gallery, NYC
2003 Recent Work, Soho Grand Gallery, NYC
2003 Emerging Visual Artists, Lit Gallery, NYC
2002 Recent Work, PT Studio, Pioneer Gallery, NYC
2001 Recent Work, Tapis Rouge Gallery, NYC

2008 Collette Blanchard Gallery, Belle Du Jour, NYC
2008 CCBF Auction, Phillips de Pury
2007 Sara Tecchia Gallery Roma New York, Hunter and Hunted, NYC
2005 Wear Me Out, One National Institute, Los Angeles, CA
2004 Blue Sky Emerging Arts, The Sky is The Limit, NYC
2004 Robert Wilson, Watermill Benefit, Watermill, NY
2003 GenArt, Metronome, NYC
2003 God's Love, The Regency, NYC
2002 New York University Benefit for Aids Research, NYC
2002 GenArt, Splashlight Studios, NYC
2002 Andy Warhol Factory, Benefit for I.R.S.A. Group Exhibition, NYC
2002 GenArt Emerging Visual Artists, NYC
2000 Advertising Photographers of America,
San Francisco, CA
1998 Color and Emotion, White Noise Gallery,
Los Angeles, CA

Brooklyn Museum
Soho Grand Hotel, Art Collection
Numerous Private Collectiions

Growing up in Brooklyn as a child all Sarah Baley desired was to be free. When asked about the main thing that drives her she simply replies “Freedom”. Absolute freedom doesn't exist but in the mind and soul she says. Sarah looks to discover how freedom translates around her in her everyday world and where it exists within limitations.

A quote that would describe her the most as an artist is "The absence of limitation is the enemy of art" by Orson Welles. She loves to see how people create their unique reality within other realities. How they are able to live and survive with so many mixed elements surrounding them. She is drawn to that in different ways. Whether it is sexuality, sub-culture or culture blending. Old world struggling or working symbiotically with new merging in unique ways to give birth to yet another world. She is interested in realities intermingling. That is what impresses her most about living in New York City.
It is the perfect fusion of all elements coexisting and freedom of expression at its best.

"If you stay in the city and take the time to look long and hard, there are a million little boxes that you can open, like portals you take to a new world. Inviting you somewhere to see something you have never seen. If you are curious just open a door. It is expansive reality and we participate in, creating and changing it simply by entering. Some boxes left for decades waiting for the story to be told. This is treasure to me. I love to explore. You can sink in limitation and be confined or use limitation to set you free. My camera is my passport".

Sarah now resides in Red Hook, Brooklyn.